I was on a wheat field, lying on the ground. It was sunset or dusk, and there were some people moving around, as if covered in colourful vapour. One of them, an old woman, came to me and sat behind me, by my head. I could not move. I was waiting for the bee to come, but she wouldn’t, and I was disappointed. The old woman put her hands on my head. “you are too willful” – she said gently, “let it go”. She pulled my head a bit towards her, my neck felt very long, and she gently tucked in my jaw towards my chest. Then she put her thumb on my chin and pressed it down so that my mouth opened, and a bird flew out.

Then she started to press a point at the very top of my head, and some other points, mostly on my face; between the eyebrows, under the nose and under the lips, under the eyes… A warm flow started to circulate in my head, gently pulsating. At one point, I saw a spiralling path of pebbles glowing brightly in total darkness, and I started to jump from one to the other, and clapped my hands joyfully, like a child. Or maybe I was a child… Then I could smell the wheat, and saw the field again, gently rocking in the sunset. I felt so relaxed when I opened my eyes, I didn’t even realize how tense I had been…


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