I was in the dark, and I could hardly make out what was going on. There were a lot of fast moving images, unrelated to each other. One of them was a man who had no skin. When I went closer, his flesh almost looked like fire… and I asked him what he thought my ascendant was, it came just like that. And he replied Leo 14.*

At times it felt like we were in a night jungle, other times it was more like deep underwater. At one point, I was on a cliff, looking down into a dark river, and there was a crocodile swimming, and something that looked like a big spider-woman came out of its head, and another, and another. I should have been frightened or disgusted, but I wasn’t. Then a big flock of birds or other winged creatures came flying close by, very fast. “don’t be afraid”, the old woman said, “they can’t see us”.

I wasn’t afraid. It all reminded me of being a child, of waking up  in the middle of the night: the whole room was transformed by the moonlight filtering in through the blinds… all the familiar objects turned into strange, amorphous beings…

This time, however, I understood that it was not the world around us that was weird or scary, it was my sight that was not good enough.  “It will come, later” the old woman said. Then I noticed red floss, like roots, pulsating. I was in my own body. I saw them grow and reach out through my skin, like golden threads, like a golden lace entwining around me… at the moment, however, it was all quite a mess…  “it will sort out”, the old woman said. The sensation reminded me of the time when I was pregnant and I could feel a new life growing inside me, but this new life right now was developing not within but around…

*It took me a while to realize that the skinless man was the Sabian symbol itself: Leo 14 reads “A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation”. He had no skin, nothing to protect or  envelope him, nothing to make him truly visible or recognizable in the outer world, no face, no fingerprints…


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