The Moon

The Siberian man was leading me upwards on a meandering mountain path. It was quite foggy but I knew we were already rather high up. Then we reached a plateau, I was not sure whether it was the top of the mountain or there was more above us. In any case, a far-eastern Buddhist monk came to meet us, smiling.

“Here you are”. he said.
“Are you the Moon?” – I asked.
“Are you really surprised?” – he asked back, smiling.

No, I wasn’t, not really. He was looking at me and the Siberian man with a gentle smile. The two men exchanged knowing glances.

“Welcome” – said the monk, holding our hands.

But we didn’t start off towards the monastery. Instead, he brought a horse well-prepared for a long journey, with blankets and saddlebags.

“Your horse is ready for your journey” – he said and nodded gently. The Siberian man thanked him in a similar manner.

The monk put his hands on my shoulders, and looked deeply into my eyes. I could feel he cared deeply about me, but we didn’t say a word.

I didn’t feel like going anywhere, but I knew I had to. I took the horse and we gently started off into the ever-thickening fog. I could feel the monk and the Siberian man staring after me.


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