I was in a boat with the Siberian man. The world around us was in all shades of blue. It was more like a lake than the sea. There was a forest ahead of us, a black outline of trees against a dark blue sky. We were close to the shore, it was not too deep here, but partly frozen. I don’t know why, I just stepped out of the boat. I was cold, trudging through a mix of water and ice. But I kept walking towards the forest. I wanted to go there.

The Siberian man followed me in his boat. He didn’t say a thing. I wondered whether it was the beginning of winter or the end of it. Was the lake not fully frozen or not fully melted yet? I couldn’t tell. It was very cold, but all those shades of blue… sparkling, almost white… robin egg blue… cobalt… sapphire… Prussian blue… indigo… ultramarine… midnight blue…  so beautiful. I could feel the whole landscape throbbing, and I was pulsating with it, like a tuning fork…


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