Snow on Fire

I was on a night sea, in a narrow boat with the Siberian man. I saw a star shining bright on the horizon. “Is that Jupiter rising?” – I asked, but he didn’t reply. “I wonder what I am supposed to do with myself. When I live in the outer world, I soon feel so empty I don’t even want to stay alive. When I try to balance the inner with the outer, it takes up so much of my energy that it’s difficult to do anything else, I hardly ever get to actually doing something meaningful…”. The Siberian man didn’t reply, he was just staring into the rising star.

Then part of me was somewhere else, and I saw a great fire, trees burning, and people in special equipment trying to extinguish it. I wanted to know where this was, so I rose from the ground and started to fly upwards. I saw trees, I saw rocks, and I saw snow.

“How can the snow be on fire?” – I thought to myself. There was something strange about this snow and this fire, but I couldn’t tell what it was. And then, suddenly, a thought passed through me, and I shivered “Did it look like this in Chernobyl?”.


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