It was almost dark in the swamp. Tree roots spread across the dark waters and when I looked up from the depths, I saw frogs swimming.

Suddenly, I was in a closed space, like a hole underground or the cavity of a tree. It was dark, and I could sense a swarm of insect life moving around.

I saw a large figure. At first I couldn’t tell if it was insect or human. Flesh without skin. She was old, bleeding and in pain. Dying.

We were embraced by the roots of a great tree. It started to turn around and around and darkness spread into the world like flying insects. I felt awe mixed with fear, but I did not want to flee. I wanted to see, to know.

There was a long table in the cave, surrounded by bees. They lead the insect-woman to it and she lied down. For a moment, I thought they would eat her. But they covered her with mud instead. I could feel her pain, and the clay seemed to soothe her. It slowly dried, solidified and I could not tell anymore whether she was still alive or already dead.

In utter darkness, I could feel insect life crawling and flying around me. I was afraid, but kept it at bay. I wanted to know what was going on.

There appeared a golden-blue light and something moved under the clay. I could see a hand breaking through. It touched mine and held onto it. I was staring at her pulsating, golden-blue skin.

She sat up. I wanted to look at her face but it was too dark. All I could see was her eyes. Golden blue. Everything was bathing in this light, and all was silent. We were underwater and there was nothing above us but the gently glowing Moon.

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