Astrological symbolism

The Planets


The consciousness that arranges our feelings and thoughts, our inner and outer experiences into a self. Read more about the Sun.


The “soil” we are planted in, whatever sustains and nourishes us and connects us with all of life. The unconscious: emotions, moods and dreams. What we need from life and from others, our responses and expectations on a visceral level. Read more about the Moon.


Our ability to understand ourselves and each other, to communicate and to reflect, to create mental connections. Our tendency towards subjectivity or objectivity. Read more about Mercury.


What we identify with: our ability to access and possess, to attract and be attracted to “by default”, without giving it much thought. Read more about Venus.


Our passions and impulses, how we act (or do not act) upon them and what role they play in our life. Read more about Mars.


What inspires us, what we believe in. Our ability to grow and thrive, to relate to the greater whole, to see the greater picture. Read more about Jupiter.


What urges us towards individuation, whatever sets us apart from those around us: our fears, inhibitions, shortcomings, quirks and irregularities. The consequences of our actions and decisions. Our Shadow. Read more about Saturn.