We were embraced by the roots of a great tree. It started to turn around and around and darkness spread into the world like flying insects. I felt awe mixed with fear, but I did not want to flee. I wanted to see, to know.



My legs started to grow until they reached the water and beyond. They transformed into roots and connected to the web around us. My arms did the same. They grew into branches and they kept on extending until I felt other hands holding mine on each side. We were an alive, golden lace.


The world was orange and turquoise, sunlight playing on labradorite. There was a man in front of a canvas, painting an ever changing field - wheat, poppies, sunflowers. Van Gogh at work. Orange and turquoise, again. Next, I was in a museum. It was quite dark, but there was an illuminated sphere in the middle … Continue reading Sixty-Two


I was under the ground. People were coming and going above me. Then it was silent. Moon, Sun and clouds drifted by. A face. He bent over and let down a bucket for water. I realized I was deep inside a well. Time passed. The Moon, Sun and clouds rode the sky. I wanted to … Continue reading Sixty